Alexander Yuzhanin is one of the most gifted and brilliant young Russian classical guitarists of his generation. He is a multi-award winner of more than 20 national and international competitions, including 12 first prizes and 2 Grand Prix.
2019-2022 — several Prizes in Paganini Guitar Festival, Guitar Campus in Delphi, New Generation online competition, First Prize in Alirio Diaz International Guitar Competition in Rust — 2022 (3rd Group).  
In 2018 Alexander earned several Prizes in following International Guitar Competitions:
— XIX International «Erste Guitar Art» Festival in Belgrade, Serbia – First Prize
— V International Guitar Festival of Thessaloniki, Greece – Second Prize
— IV International Classical Guitar Festival in Pleven, Bulgaria – First Prize
Alexander was born in 2005 in Moscow. He started learning classical guitar at the age of 7. He is a student of the First School of Arts in Moscow. Alexander takes classical guitar lessons with famous Professor and guitarist Dimitri Illarionov.
He has also participated in numerous masterclasses with some of the world’s most esteemed guitarists: Andrea de Vitis, Nicola Montella, Atanas Ourkouzounov, Kostas Tosidis, Gabriel Bianco, Fotis Koutsothodoros, Pierre Lelievre, Costas Cotsiolis, Susana Prieto, Alexis Muzurakis, Thomas Offermann, Artyom Dervoed. From 2021 have regular lessons with Gabriel Guillen.
Alexander is a performing artist, who builds an active concert career, performing as a soloist, member of chamber ensembles and guest-soloist with orchestras. His latest concert activities in 2018:
— the 40th International Contemporary Music Festival “Moscow Autumn 2018” with GAMEnsemble
— the First Classical Music Festival “Grand and Rising Stars”, Russia, art-director Dimitri Illarionov
— the Swiss Project ‘HomeOrchestra’ with the Gnessin Virtuosi Chamber Orchestra, conductor – Mikhail Khokhlov
— Solo Recital in the Glinka National Museum Consortium of Musical Culture, Russia, playing the unique instruments from the collection of the Museum.
2021 — concerts with Moscow International Guitar Association. 2021 — 2022 online concerts in Haydnkons with Gabriel Guillen class.

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